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Dr. Politis fixed the problem without surgery

After my pregnancy I developed a little bladder problem. My friend who is a nurse recommended I see Dr. Politis. I was a little nervous to see a urologist at first but Dr. Politis took the time to listen to all of my concerns. He didn’t push drugs on me which was my initial worry. Fortunately we were able to fix the problem without surgery or prescription medications. Thank you for everything.Amy Silverton

Everyone in the office was approachable

I feel like everyone in the office was approachable and the attention was excellent. I have no objections whatsoever and would recommend St Pete Urology to all my friends.Bruce Campbell

Extremely professional and courteous staff

Dr Graves has surrounded himself with an extremely professional and courteous staff.They work as a great team and together with Dr Graves expertise they restored my quality of life.Thomas

Not just a doctor but also a true friend

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer by Dr. Politis, I followed all of his advices and medications. He’s been with me from the first time I knew I had cancer. He’s been not just my doctor but also a true friend who is really there to help you with the problem you are facing.Victor

Medical staff take great care of every detail

Dr. Politis’ office is the place for a vasectomy. Highly recommended. The urologist and medical staff take great care of every detail from scheduling, to the procedure, to post procedure specimens and concerns.Anna


“Dr Politis is hands down the best urologist in the area. Lets just say I am now fully functional because of the success of Dr Politis! I highly recommend.”Vitals


“I recently had a vasectomy done by Dr. Politis”

“and am very pleased. Everyone was very nice, and it was nowhere near as painful as expected. The recovery is coming along great with no problems. I am very pleased and would highly recommend him for vesectomies in the St. Pete area.”Just Me, Aug 12, 2011


“Dr. Politis is the best urologist in Central Florida”

“I had a family member looking for an experienced urologist. We were referred to Dr Politis by some of the most well respected doctors in the area. I took him to the appointment with Dr. Politis and were absolutely impressed. The office is absolutely impecable and filled with knowledgeable staff. Dr Politis bedside manner, attention to detail and professional advice was second to none. He evaluated, disagnosed and performed the surgery flawlessly. I highly recommend Dr Politis to anyone in need of an experienced and professional urologist!”
Jay, Oct 2011


Professional and knowledgeble

Dr. Politis is a young professional doctor with a lot of experience in his field despite be on his own business for only few years. His experities in his medical field help me understand my medical condition and sucessfully resolve it. His facilities are clean, spacious and with the most advanced equipment.Zio, Oct 2011


My experience was waaaay above expectations.

“Everyone seemed to understand my fears, concerns and what this type of surgery means to a man. They’re the best. I never once thought that I would have anything but a positive outcome. The staff puts you at ease. We’re blessed to have this medical team on our city.”Bernard, Jun 30, 2011


Friendly Staff

“Ofcourse having a prostate cancer is not that easy, but knowing someone to count on, conversant and familiar to walk you though it is truly a wonderful feeling. I have had nothing but excellent experiences from Dr. Politis and his friendly staff. “Monte, Jun 11, 2011


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