Laparoscopic surgery, also commonly known as “minimally invasive surgery“, is a surgical procedure done with the aid of a tiny video camera and advanced medical instruments. During the operation, incisions as small as half an inch are made on the area of attention. These incisions will be the point of entry for plastic tubes called ports. A small camera and other surgical devices will then be inserted through the ports to allow the surgeon a clear view of the patient’s insides by looking at an enlarged, high-resolution video image on a monitor.

There are many benefits to Laparoscopic surgery, including faster recovery time. Since the incision is very small, the time needed for the wound to heal is less. This also means shorter hospital stays, nearly invisible scars, and less discomfort after the surgery compared to the standard open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is the best and safest surgical option known today. Contact us now and let us and talk with us about your options for a minimally invasive surgery.