Trauma & Urinary Tract Reconstruction

The narrowing of the urethra, the urinary channel from the bladder to the outside of your body that can be caused by trauma to the bicycle seat area, infections, pelvic bone fractures or unknown causes.


Weak urine stream
Reduced urine output
Painful urination
Incomplete emptying of the bladder
Inability to void
Recurrent urinary tract infections


Urine cultures
Uroflow studies
Pressure flow studies
X-rays – fluroscopic studies and ultrasound


For mild cases, observation is reasonable. For moderate to severe cases, it depends of the location and length of the urethral stricture. Endoscopic therapies include urethral dilation or cutting with urethrotomy. Surgical techniques include removal of scar tissue with reconstruction of the urethra without graft v. with graft tissue.