Male Urology is the medical and surgical field that is especially devoted to the treatment on the urinary tracts of males and on his reproductive health. Some common urological disorders found among men are; Erectile Dysfunction, Prostate Cancer, Enlarged prostate, Penis Pain, Blood in the semen, Scrotal masses, Premature ejaculation, Testicular failure and many more. Some urinary and reproductive tracts are directly associated with one another, so complications of one will likely affect the other.

What is a Urologist?

Urologists are Medical Doctors who are trained and expert in the area of urology. They diagnose, treat and manage people who have urological problems. A urologist has the capacity and understanding the function of these organs, including the conditions and disorders that are affecting their normal process. By using the best medical and surgical equipments, a urologist can treat the disorders and diseases of these organs and help improve a patients quality of life.