A Great Surgeon

I have had several procedures done by Dr. Laryngakis. A great surgeon that explains everything in detail and is very concerned about fixing your issues. Highly recommend. - Kenneth Afienko | 10/01/2020

Dr Laryngakis has an angel on his shoulder, or maybe I do

Dr Laryngakis Saved my Life. In 2013 my PSA was 1.9; In 2014 my PSA 2.2. Both of these were below the red flag of 4.0. Dr Laryngakis put my PSA score back from 2005 into a modeling system, which indicated that my PSA was elevating too fast. I did not pay much attention to Dr Laryngakis warning. In 2015 my PSA was 2.9, Dr Laryngakis was concerned, I was not. He pushed me to get a blood test that would help tell if I had cancer. It came back that I had a 56% chance of having cancer. Well, he was correct; I had prostate cancer with a gleason score of 7. At age 56, with a gleason score of 7, I was facing a scary situation. I had Robotic Prostatectomy 6 weeks after my diagnosis. The surgery went well. I was back at work 3 weeks after the operation. At six months everything was back to normal. It is now 4 years since my surgery and I have never needed radiation or additional treatments. Dr Laryngakis has an angel on his shoulder, or maybe I do. - Christopher D. McDonald | 07/20/2020

I have faith and confidence in Dr. Graves

I have a very serious, painful and quality of life impacting condition that has been ongoing for 6 years. Two previous urologists were of absolutely no use and did nothing to actually help. I switched to Dr. Graves about 2 years ago and he immediately took a very active and aggressive approach to address my condition. I am finally seeing progress. We still have a long way to go, but I have faith and confidence in Dr. Graves to continue to address it. He told me and my wife that he would make me better, and my wife said that she is definitely going to hold him to that. 🙂 - Paul Agamaite | 03/14/2020

I'm definitely recommending Dr. Oppenheim

I must say, I was very impressed with EVERY aspect of my visit with Dr. Oppenheim. His knowledge goes without saying. Top notch. I was taken aback, though, by his patience and kindness. He took the time to listen patiently to the questions I had. I didn't feel rushed. He answered those questions in a way that was very easy for me to understand. The staff that I encountered were friendly and assistive. I was also glad that any procedures/tests that he recommended I need are done right there at the office, not a hospital. His office and the building in which it's in is very easy to find. Overall, a great experience. Should the need arise for anyone I know to need a urologist, I'm definitely recommending Dr. Oppenheim and his staff. - Mark Mann | 07/20/2020

Great Bedside Manner

Great Bedside Manner. Very knowledgeable regarding my current medical condition - James Jones | 01/29/2020

Great Doctor and Office Staff

Dr Laryngakis is polite, comforting in a time of need and very good in his treatment program. He made me as comfortable as possible in a difficult situation. No one wants to have cancer but I am very happy and thankful that my GP referred me to him. - Patient | 06/10/2019

I found Dr. Graves to be very compassionate

I recently had the Green Light laser procedure on my prostate by Dr. Graves. The procedure itself is making a huge difference in my quality of life. I found Dr. Graves to be very compassionate and willing to listen and answer any questions I had. Mika, Spring and the front office staff are all very professional, competent and friendly. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Graves. He's a bright light in today's world. - Wes Linkovich | 07/23/2020

Very Professional and Caring

Dr. Oppenheim is very professional and very caring . He takes his time to explain medical problems in the understandable language. I will recommend him to my friends. - Janina | 06/24/2020

Very Professional and Caring

Dr. Laryngakis is really nice and very knowledgeable and professional. He even has a sense of humor! We were referred by our primary care physician and couldn't have been more satisfied. We look forward to an enduring and pleasant relationship. Thank you! - Pinkie B. | 01/27/2019


Dr. Oppenheim is a very caring and compassionate Doctor, He does excellent work and fixed a previous surgery that did not work. He took a lot of time with me to tell me what was wrong and that he COULD repair me. I have been recommending him to my friends and relatives already. He put me at ease through the entire situation and I HIGHLY recommend him!!!! - Daniel Van Hoven | 09/08/2019


I was not able to urinate after an operation and went to Dr Graves and He was able to discover what my problems were and got every back on track. I have my life back. If you are looking for a physician who knows his stuff. Dr graves is your guy - Alex Webb | 09/25/2018


I was treated by Dr Oppenheim and found him to very professional and thorough. He takes time to explain the procedure and answers all of your questions. After the procedure in the hospital he went out to talk to my wife in a private setting instead of in the waiting room. The office staff is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr Oppenheim. - Dale Barrow | 08/05/2019

100% Recommend this Doctor

100% recommend this doctor. He is smart, understanding and caring about the patient. It has given me an elenchus view of all my conditions. Glad you are in St Petersburg. - Elizabeth Reinhart | 08/15/2017

He Goes The Extra Mile

I personally work with Dr. Oppenheim and his care for his patients is completely unmatched. He goes the extra mile for every patient and truly cares about everyone’s outcome. Wonderful bedside manner and an excellent surgeon. I would truly go to no one else or send my family or friends to anyone else. Very professional and thorough. - Emerald Gilbert | 08/10/2019

He Helped Me In MY TIme Of Need

I highly recommend Dr. graves. He is one of the best doctors I have ever dealt with. I totally trust his judgment and feel very comfortable in his care. He helped me in my time of need. his professionalism and manner are unsurpassed. - John Donovan | 05/29/2017


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