Symptoms of Recurring UTIIf you are experiencing recurring urinary tract infections and have already been seen by a urologist to rule out an abnormality that needs correction, perhaps there are some steps you can take to prevent future infections. Our doctors have outlined simple precautions that if followed consistently, may make the difference for you.

Follow Proper Hygiene Techniques

Always wipe from front to back using plain white toilet tissue after having a bowel movement or after urination. This is to avoid spreading bacteria from the anal area to the vagina or urethra. Please use a hand held shower to wash the genital area daily.

Increase Your Intake of Fluids

You should drink fluids in the form of water or natural juices, without chemicals, at room temperature. Drink enough so that your urine is absolutely clear when collected in a clear transparent plastic cup. You should check to see if your urine is clear using this method once a week. 8 – 10 glasses measuring 8 ounces per glass per day might meet your requirements. You should urinate at least 2 liters/24 hours.

Empty Your Bladder Frequently

Whenever you feel the desire to urinate, do not wait. Failure to empty your bladder may be one of the causes of recurring Urinary Tract Infections.

If You Are Sexually Active

Empty your bladder before sex and immediately after sex. Before sexual activity make sure that you are adequately lubricated and that you assume a comfortable position to avoid injury to the urethra.

Try Triple Voiding

Causes of Recurring Urinary Tract InfectionTriple means three times. After you have finished passing your water for the first time, you should wait for 10 seconds and try to pass your water the second time. Then you wait for another 10 seconds and try to pass your water the third time. The second and third try should be dry ones. Please do not push or force to get drops out. The reason for triple voiding is to make absolutely sure that after urination no drops of urine are left behind because this may act as a source for the bacteria to multiply in the bladder and cause an infection.

Empty Your Bladder Every Two Hours

Even if you do not have the desire to urinate. Every two hours when you are awake you should empty your bladder by triple voiding. The reason for this is to prevent the bacteria from significantly multiplying in the bladder and resulting in infection.

Take High Potency B-Complex Vitamins

We do not suggest multivitamins. We also suggest you eat one or two large raw carrots as a source of minerals. The reason for this is to supplement your nutrition and to compensate for the loss of minerals and soluble B-Complex since you have increased your fluid intake to flush out the bacteria from the bladder. Maintaining adequate nutrition and getting sufficient sleep are important contributing factors to increase your body’s resistance and to prevent recurring urinary tract infections.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Refrain from wearing tight jeans and nylon pantyhose for long periods of time causing indirect pressure on the urethra. Nylon pantyhose are not absorbent. Use 100% cotton undergarments because perspiration acts as a medium for bacteria to grow and the constant moisture is irritating to the area.

Use Caution With Your Diaphragm

If you are using one, make sure that it is properly fitted to protect the urethra from injury during sexual intercourse.