The Pros And Cons Of Undergoing A Vasectomy

The Pros And Cons Of Undergoing A VasectomyA vasectomy is basically a male birth control procedure that entails separating the tubes in the scrotum to stop the secretion of male sperm. A vasectomy seems to go against all that is natural. However, wait a minute and ponder on what life would be without such a medical procedure, worst still, in a world whose resources are under growing pressure from the increase in human populations worldwide? That is just a tip of the iceberg, a lot more underlying issues are there to be considered by the revelations of Urologists around the world. Taking on a life changing experience of this nature requires a balanced thought process which is set on attaining the bigger picture.


Any Urologist in St. Petersburg will narrate a factual presentation on how a vasectomy allows married couples to stagger the impulsive growth of their family structure in strict accordance to changing economic times. There is no point in having children parents cannot support as doing so can only lead children into undeserved suffering.

This procedure also finds itself being highly beneficial in reducing the rate of mother-to-child HIV transmissions, particularly in developing countries where medications to prevent mother-to-child transmissions are in scarce proportions. It therefore makes sense to use vasectomies to reduce new HIV contractions in newborn babies, thereby reducing the incidence of infant mortalities.
Another point of notable significance is the positive impact the male vasectomy procedure has had in impoverished areas of the world. There can be dire consequences of childbirth on a starved mother and child if pregnancies persist. The pressure on resources therefore makes it essentially important to initiate birth control procedures in the form of sterilization.

The awesome news is that there is now the non-surgical procedure. This vasectomy is painless as the tubes in the scrotum only have to be pinned instead of being cut and tied. Making it painless has seen a sizeable increase in the number of males queuing up in front of, say, the office of a Urologist in St. Petersburg, waiting impatiently for their names to be called up.


Besides the fact that there are so many benefits to vasectomies, there are a few disadvantages that come with them. To start with, a reverse procedure is something that is difficult to perform. With that said, it will be quite stressful to realize that you can never have children again, especially if you lose the two children you considered to be your last.

There is also the possibility of the procedure going terribly wrong. When something like that happens the only option is to pray that the Urologist in St. Petersburg will be able to stop any catastrophic infection. However, this can very easily curtailed if by speaking to the Urologist in St. Petersburg prior to the operation and ensuring that follow-ups are carried out.

People bent on undergoing this male sterilization procedure are advised to consider these pros and cons as a guide for making the best decision. Doing so puts you in a position of self-assurance, and nothing beats that. After all, Urology is a proven science of in-depth study. So there is no point in disregarding the science of Urology, it would simply be a show of irrational fear.

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