Why Interstim Therapy is For Both Men and Women

For men who suffer from embarrassing and frustrating bladder control problems like retention and overactive bladder, it is typically difficult to control when and how much you urinate. As a result, you may be compelled to cut back on your everyday activities, feeling trapped by the fear of accidental leaks and being unduly preoccupied with your bladder. Unfortunately, you also may find out that common treatments such as behavior modification, drugs, dietary changes, use of catheters to empty your bladder or pelvic floor exercises do not effectively treat your symptoms. What can you do when traditional treatments for bladder problems fail or are intolerable? Never despair. Instead, just visit a competent urologist to administer InterStim therapy.

What is InterStim Therapy?

Also called Sacral Nerve Stimulation (SNS), InterStim is a reversible therapy for treatment of urinary incontinence, urgency (frequency), urinary retention and overactive bladder. It involves implanting an InterStim device (neurostimulator) into the skin in order to send mild electrical pulses to the sacral nerves (nerves located above the tailbone) which control the bladder and muscles associated with urinary function. As a result, the electrical stimulation of the sacral nerves promotes communication between the brain and bladder, improves bladder control functions and eliminates symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.

Effective for Both Men and Women

Many people tend to consider InterStim therapy as an exclusive treatment for women with bladder control problems. In truth, however, the therapy is also ideal for men who have failed medications, experience serious adverse effects with bladder medications or do not like using catheters to empty their bladder. Incontinence is a common problem affecting both men and women and any person experiencing the problem can explore InterStim therapy as an effective and convenient option regardless of their sex.

How is the Procedure Performed?

InterStim therapy is a two-stage process involving minimally invasive testing (test stimulation) and the eventual placement of the InterStim device. The urologist conducts the non-invasive test to determine the possible response to the actual device while allowing patients to see if InterStim would be appropriate for them. After successful testing, the InterStim device is placed using a minimally invasive technique in which small and inconspicuous incisions are made on the skin.

InterStim improves the quality of life and will help you to return to your normal life quickly with no more worries of accidental urine leaks. Doctors at St Pete Urology have conducted hundreds of InterStim therapy since the device was approved by the FDA. We help both men and women regain their confidence and dignity. For more information on treatment of bladder control problems, visit the site, St Pete Urology.



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