Reconstructive Urologic Surgery

Reconstructive urology is a very important part of a patient’s urological treatment. For many different reasons, patients may find themselves in need of surgery to repair their urinary and reproductive systems. Everyone is different, so urologists assess each patient’s situation to determine the best treatment. A patient’s age, health and ability to recover from surgery are all factors a urologist will consider when determining if surgery is the best option.

There are many different forms of reconstructive urologic surgery. Urologists are trained to perform surgeries on the kidneys, bladder, urethra, testicles, prostate and vagina. They spend years in school and training with urologists to learn the surgical techniques needed to perform reproductive surgeries. They stay up to date with the newest techniques and technologies in urologic surgery.

Reconstructive urologic surgery is used to treat issues such as erectile dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor disorders, urinary incontinence, penile trauma, and issues caused by different forms of cancer. One example is the treatment for erectile dysfunction. In some cases of ED, doctors will repair the blood vessels in the penis to allow easier blood flow so the patient can achieve erections. This is an option for some patients when medication and other treatments do not work.

Urologists also may rely on reconstructive surgery in cases of pelvic organ prolapse. This occurs when a woman’s muscles that hold organs like the bladder, uterus and vagina in place begin to weaken. These organs can begin to prolapse, or droop, causing numerous medical issues. A urologist will use reconstructive surgery to either implant a small plastic support device, or remove some of the drooping organs, such as the uterus, by hysterectomy.

Urologists often rely on reconstructive surgery to treat penile trauma. There are many different causes of penile injury, often from blunt force trauma. But the most common cause is an accident during sex. One type of surgery used to treat penile trauma is to make a cut around the head of the penis to pull back the skin of the affected area and treat any blood clots or tears.

All surgery is serious, and reconstructive urologic surgery is no exception. St Pete Urology has long been a leader in Florida and in the United States for all treatments of urological issues, including surgery. For more information, visit the St Pete Urology website.

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