Treatment Success for Overactive Bladder

Successful treatment of overactive bladder can relieve annoying urinary symptoms and inject new enthusiasm and confidence into your life. While successful treatment may mean different things, it is typically defined by a reduction or an end to annoying and embarrassing bathroom visits that force you to approach everyday activities with fear and anxiety. It is important to know that an overactive bladder is not a disease but a group of urinary symptoms. Knowing this will help you to assess your disease, the range of symptoms and underlying causes and find the right treatment.

Targeted treatment

Treatment results for overactive bladder vary depending on the state of the condition and underlying causes of the symptoms. At St Pete Urology, the urologist will conduct a comprehensive medical history though an open, warm and private conversation to establish the state of your condition and identify potential causes. A physical examination is followed by relevant medical tests to help find the cause of the disorder in order to tailor treatment. The doctor also will create a record of the symptoms to be used later to monitor the success of the treatment.

Patient-oriented goals

Before choosing a treatment or combination of treatments that is ideal for you, the doctor will discuss all the options with you. The treatment chosen will target both the underlying cause and the symptoms. For example, if the underlying cause is a urinary tract infection, the urologist will offer antibiotics to combat the infection as well as provide the medications or recommend the exercises to alleviate the symptoms. The urologist will help you to identify your treatment goals to enable you to find relief as soon as possible. For example, voiding 6-8 times and getting up just once at night may be normal if you are an older adult. So if you have been voiding 12 times a day and 3 times a night, you may set your goal at 6 times a day and 1-2 times a night. When setting your goals, the doctor will explain what is normal and what is not so you can set goals that boost your treatment success..

In many cases, treatment success may be marked by:

  1. Decreased urinary urgency.
  2. No dribbling.
  3. Remaining dry all night.
  4. Sleeping all night or waking up just once to urinate.
  5. Remaining dry all day.
  6. Passing urine every couple of hours.

For instance, if you have been voiding 16 times a day, going down to 3 times a day means your treatment is successful. Likewise, if you previously woke up 3-4 times a night, going down to 1-2 times a night means your treatment is successful. Similarly, if the treatment can help you to stop dribbling on your way to the bathroom and significantly reduce your urinary urgency, then it can be classified as successful. With goals that are specific to your overactive bladder symptoms, you can easily monitor your treatment and increase success.

Tracking your symptoms

Overactive bladder is usually characterized by a sudden and uncontrollable urge to pass urine and the tendency to visit the bathroom several times (8 or more times) during the day and night. Urine also may leak immediately after you experience the urge. With treatment, the urgency and frequency of passing urine may begin to change, while urine leakage may reduce or stop. In order to monitor any improvements as soon as you begin treatment, it is important to record all your symptoms before treatment. At St Pete Urology, the urologist will help with taking your bladder records before treatment begins. The data then is used as treatment progresses to monitor your improvement and evaluate success.

Success rates vary with type of treatment

Outcomes vary from one treatment to another. For example, Botox can provide 80-90 percent success rate when chosen correctly. Likewise, a combination of bladder training, kegel exercises for pelvic floor muscles and anticholinergic drugs can produce a success rate of 70-90 percent when properly deployed. It is important to work with a urologist who has been treating overactive bladder on a regular basis and is knowledgeable and experienced to customize treatments for your condition. At St Pete Urology, we have a pool of skilled urologists who have been treating overactive bladder symptoms for decades. We will help you overcome embarrassing symptoms and get your life back to normal quickly. For more information, visit the “St Pete Urology” site.



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