There is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to sex. What you like isn’t necessarily what another person likes. How important it is to you and how often you want it is also a personal preference, but what is common for everyone is the desire to have a pleasurable sexual encounter.

Men with erectile dysfunction who intend to have a penile implant inserted into their penis often want to know how it would impact their sexual pleasure.

Strong, reliable erection

A penile prosthesis enables you to have an erection that is strong enough for satisfactory sex. You will have an erection similar to a natural erection and will not have problems keeping it throughout sexual intercourse.

At St Pete Urology, we offer both inflatable and non-inflatable penile implants. An inflatable implant has two rods filled with fluid from a reservoir near the bladder. As the rods fill, the penis becomes erect. When there is no fluid in the rods, the penis is fully deflated and unnoticeable.

With the non-inflatable implant, a single rod is surgically implanted within the erection chamber of your penis. The rod keeps the penis in a semi-rigid state so that you merely need to lift it into position or adjust it by hand for sexual intercourse.

Regardless of whether the implant is inflatable or in a semi-rigid state, it will support your penis without making it larger or affecting the shape of its head. Expect your penis to be erect to about the same size as before you got the implant, and provide enough hardness for penetration and satisfying sex.

Unhindered sensitivity

A penile prosthesis does not affect the sensitivity of the penis, its glans, or its skin. You will not lose sensitivity and will generally respond to sexual stimulation. You will also have no limitations such as axial effort, traction, or your partner tightening the penis during sexual intercourse.

You can still enjoy different positions and enjoy normal orgasm and ejaculation—deriving maximum pleasure from your sexual encounters. The penis stays rigid even after orgasm, and it is up to you to choose to release the valve to remove the fluid from the rods and end the erection. You should also make sure to have good lubrication during intercourse.

Once you have a penile prosthesis, it may destroy your natural erection reflex. You should have the implant only when recommended by your urologist.

Hidden and unnoticeable

Due to the small incision made for the procedure, the healed scar after penile implant surgery is subtle and hidden to casual observers. The implant will be fully concealed and remain private. You can freely enjoy sex without worrying about your partner knowing you have an implant.

No one will be able to tell that you have a penile prosthesis until they see the small scar at the bottom of your penis. Even in the shower or locker room, it will remain undetectable.

Do you have erectile dysfunction? Would you like to restore your sexual function? At St Pete Urology, we understand that erectile dysfunction can severely impact your relationships and your quality of life. We offer various solutions that can help you with this predicament.

We typically recommend a penile prosthesis for patients who have not found the other ED treatments effective. After the implant surgery, patients can expect to enjoy healthy sex lives, enhanced self-esteem, and more satisfying relationships.

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